I have a binary raster, a point layer, and a polygon grid layer.

enter image description here

I want to know how many raster cells have a point associated with them within each of the polygons of the grid, and the value of each raster cell.

I know I can use the Point Sampling tool to get the cell values for each point, but some cells have more than one point, and I'm interested in which cells have points, not the cell values for each point.

If the raster were a polygon layer with every cell a different polygon, I could use select by location, but I'm not sure how to convert the raster to a polygon layer so that one cell is one polygon.

Can anyone suggest a workflow to achieve these aims, please?

  • You need to convert your raster to a vector file where each raster cell becomes a polygon in a grid. Afterwards you can apply vector analysis methods to your data. There are a couple of posts on GIS.SE addressing the creation of a vector grid so just search for convert raster cells to polygons. – Techie_Gus Mar 2 at 7:21

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