I am dealing with some data I need to get on QGIS. It's CRS should be ETRS89, but instead of longitude/latitude I only have X and Y coordinates, and as soon as I add the data as CSV layer it ends up at a place where it should not belong.

I use this CSV here: https://data.gov.uk/dataset/b5d2f859-9a06-47bc-8f09-89171cfe97ba/shropshire-brownfield-site-register It includes the X and Y coordinates and states it is ETRS89.

Within the CSV I have the coordinates. CordX: 3853505 and CordY -205876

and it should be ETRS89 but if I look at the area where the points should end up, as ETRS89 the coordinates should be more like.

X: -3.059671 and Y: 52.862264

Is there a way to import the CSV with these coordinates instead? (in QGIS) Or do I have to convert them prior manually? How do I do that in the best way? (it's a file with a total of ~1500 records).

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    those are projected units. it seems the CRS info is incomplete; you might want to give someone a note. you could try the more obvious projections based on ETRS89, like UTM (EPSG:25830), but without the definitive projection details you're stuck... – ThingumaBob Mar 1 at 13:15
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    ETRS89 is not a CRS – nmtoken Mar 1 at 13:34
  • EPSG:4258 (based on ETRS89) , is lat/lon, so X would be 52...and Y would be -3... – nmtoken Mar 1 at 13:41
  • The following are a list of ETRS89 based Projected CRS that cover the United Kingdom, the answer is possibly there... – nmtoken Mar 1 at 14:14
  • @nmtoken, are you sure that the CSV driver of QGIS is aware of axis order? I would rather believe that it assumes longitude-latitude or easting-northing always but I may be wrong. – user30184 Mar 1 at 15:06

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