I Have 2 Layers:

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I want to Filter Layer 2 by an attribute from Layer1 for some rule based styles. I'm currently using following expression to realize that:

"C1" = attribute(get_feature(‘Layer 1', 'ID', '1'), 'C') or "C2" = attribute(get_feature(‘Layer 1', 'ID', '1'), 'C') or "C3" = attribute(get_feature(‘Layer 1', 'ID', '1'), 'C')… etc.

It does its job, but due to the amount of features (a few thousands), performance is quite bad.

So I made a new field called "CG" in Layer 2 using following expression in field calculator:

"C1" + ' '+ "C2" +' '+ "C3" +' '+ "C4" +' '+ "C5"… etc.

The Field “CG” I can filter using eg. “CG” ILIKE “%C1 %”

Question: How can I now combine the attribute(get_feature()) and ILIKE expression to Filter the Field “CG” in Layer2 by an attribute of Layer 1 in Field “C” ? An example would be awesome.


I finally was able to solve my Problem.

Answer: "CG" ILIKE '%'+ attribute(get_feature('Layer 1', 'ID', '1'),'C') +' %'

(space in front of last %)

But it required to add in Field “CG” additional spaces in front of C1 and after C15. For this I used following Expression in the field calculator for the Field “CG”:

‘ ‘+ "C1" + ' '+ "C2" +' '+ "C3" +' '+ "C4" +' '+ "C5" +’ ‘+ … “C15” +’ ‘

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