I tried using the same codeblock as Removing duplicates from field using ArcPy with ArcMap, but it is just copying the contents and not removing duplicates. I think my data is formatted the same.

What am I missing?


def delDups(n):
  return ', '.join(set(n.split(', ')))


delDups( !Names3! )

enter image description here

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    You split should say " ," ie space, comma.
    – FelixIP
    Mar 1, 2019 at 23:00

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I think this should work with your data:

', '.join(set(filter(None, [b.strip() for b in n.split(',')])))

Strip to remove whitespaces before and after string, filter to remove empty strings, set to remove duplicates and then join back to a comma separated string:

a = ",East pass ,Iris Bloom Cir ,East pass"
', '.join(set(filter(None, [b.strip() for b in a.split(',')])))
'Iris Bloom Cir, East pass'

I wasn't able to get the two suggestions to work, but I had success when I reformatted the data with "&" enter image description here

and used:

def delDups(n):
 return ' & '.join(set(n.split(' & ')))

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