I'm approaching naw in the script and I'm trying to select many multi-band files from a folder and extract a single band from the file, putting everything in an output folder with the single-band transformed files.

Currently I concluded the following script:

 import sys, os

 output = "C:/../folder"

 layers =[layer for layer in QgsProject.instance().mapLayers().values()]

 for lyr in layers:
    if (lyr.type()==QgsMapLayer.RasterLayer): 

    cmd1 = "gdal_translate -b 1 "+ lyr.source() + "C:/..raster_input" + outputDir + "C:\..output" + lyr.name() + "test.ecw" 


    cmd2 = outputDir + "C:\..output" + lyr.name() + "test.ecw"


But it does not work!

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