I am calling a WPS process with OpenLayers 2 (I know it is deprecated). I use the function OpenLayers.Request.POST and post an XML file. This works fine for "normal" requests. But I also need to call a process which needs at least 10 minutes to complete. But after ~ 5 minutes it seems that the connection is getting dropped and the request fails.

How can I increase this time limit in my JavaScript? Is this even possible or does the browser needs to be reconfigured for this?

  • The OpenLayers code doesn't appear to set a timeout. Configuring browser timeouts depends on the browser stackoverflow.com/questions/5798707/browser-timeouts – Mike Mar 4 at 15:31
  • Maybe true but somehow there needs to be a workaround. Because when I do the same WPS call in Geoserver's Request Builder it has no problems to keep the connection for 20+ minutes. But when I run my own JS code it terminates after 5 minutes. From that I can call that there is a definitly a method. Now I just need to know how to implement this into my code – Leo.1906 Mar 4 at 15:40

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