I've created an iterator as a sub-model that collects values, then a main model that appends those values together upon completion of all iterations. My issue is if the iterator runs 10 times, then I get 10 appended records of the 10th iteration (the final value) not the 1 - 10 unique values. If I remove the Collect Values function and just add the append function there the model works perfectly, but that isn't suitable since I don't want to have to append each and every iteration to save time:

1) Iterator Sub Model enter image description here

2) Main Model enter image description here

  • How are you naming the output of the pairwise intersect tool? – Hornbydd Mar 4 at 23:28
  • Just "Pairwise_Intersect". Does it need to be inline sub or something like "Pairwise_Intersect%n%? – David Seroy Mar 5 at 0:16
  • Yes. But as you are using the iterator use the value, so use Pairwise_Intersect_%Value%. Make sure you are setting the contents and not simply renaming the green bubble (what you see in model builder) you do that by opening it or going into the tool itself. – Hornbydd Mar 5 at 10:14

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