I have a an OBJ File and a FBX File of very large size (OBJ = 25GB & FBX = 6GB)

I'm looking for a way to convert either of them into Cesium Tile Format. I have tried using Pix4D software which is capable of converting it but it reduces the model quality significantly. So kindly suggest something that doesn't affect the quality much.

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  • Did you try making an account on cesium.com? I know there's an online tiler but I don't know if it's free vs paid. [Disclaimer, I work in a different division of the parent company, and I'm not too familiar with the online tiler myself]. – emackey Mar 5 at 14:20
  • You could use FME to convert from either FBX or OBJ to Cesium Tiles. See www.safe.com - I haven't tried this myself, but generally FME won't reduce data quality unless the format being written to demands it. I do - I should point out - work for the company that makes FME, so please bear that in mind when I made any recommendations. If you give FME a try, and come across any issues, please do post them as new questions (I've a feeling this one may get closed as being too broad) – Mark Ireland Mar 5 at 21:22