I've been playing around with my QGIS Bonn (3.2.3) and I have a question regarding styles/symbology/colours.

Is it possible in QGIS to set one colour/style to multiple layers at once?

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    Save as QML or SLD through Properties -> Style -> Save and Load or simply Style -> Copy Style -> Paste Style
    – Taras
    Mar 5, 2019 at 9:19

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Yes, it is possible. In QGIS 3.6, right-click the layer that you want keep its style -> Styles -> Copy style -> Select Symbology

enter image description here

Then go to other layer select them all using SHIFT and left-click on your mouse, then right-click any place above the selected layer -> Paste Style

enter image description here

All of them will have the same style:

enter image description here

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