I currently use a script that converts the integer in OBJECTID to a string and combines it with another string (in this case UAW,) to populate a field

Field = str(!OBJECTID!) + "UAW"

Now that I have populated my fields how can I modify my script so only empty fields are changed moving forward?

I am using the Python Parser in Calculate Field of ArcGIS Pro.


Empty fields read as None-- set your new value if the current value is None, otherwise set it to the current value.

Field = str(!OBJECTID!) + "UAW" if !Field! is None else !Field!
  • Mike thank you for the response, but I am getting a syntax error when I copy over to code block in ArcPro. It is flagging the space after the last exclamation point as Invalid Syntax. – SalasJ Mar 5 '19 at 19:48
  • I don't have access to Pro, but you shouldn't need to use the "pre-logic" code block at all since that's a single liner. it works fine using the main expression box in 10.3, at least – mikewatt Mar 5 '19 at 20:11

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