I'm tracing a Geometric Network with Forward Star.

While tracing, I Also want to visualize the network edges after each trace.

So I created a feature class of feature type Complex Edge (I have tried all esriSimple, esriSimpleEdge and esriSimpleComplex)

IFeatureClass edgesWithOrientation_FeatureClass = featureWorkspace.CreateFeatureClass("edgesWithOrientation", fields, CLSID, null, esriFeatureType.esriFTSimple, strShapeField, null);

While tracing, I get the geometry of each edge and add it into the above created feature class

IGeometry netEdgeFeat = _geomNet.get_GeometryForEdgeEID(connectedEdgeEID);

IFeature edgeOrientationFeature = edgesWithOrientation_FeatureClass.CreateFeature();
edgeOrientationFeature.Shape = (IGeometry)netEdgeFeat; //ERROR
edgeOrientationFeature.set_Value(edgesWithOrientation_FeatureClass.FindField("weight"), orientVal);


On the line edgeOrientationFeature.Shape = (IGeometry)netEdgeFeat, An Exception is thrown: No support for this geometry type.

I'm not sure what geometry type is returned by get_GeometryForEdgeEID

I've also tried to first cast the returned edge geometry into Polyline.

IPolyline netEdgePolyline = netEdgeFeat as IPolyline

The cast is successful but I get the same exception.

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