I have a shapefile showing a list of district names. I have (currently in Excel) a long list of district names in a table. I would like to filter those districts that are in the other list. I think this is something to do with the attribute table and an expression, but I don;t know the expression for "this name is another another list".

  • Which list are you referring when you said the other list? Is it the one in the excel file or the shapefile? – ahmadhanb Mar 6 at 11:57
  • It would the list that is in the excel file. So I would like to highlight those districts in the shapefile that match entries in a separate list of districts in an excel file – Michael Hammond Mar 6 at 12:28

Try using the 'Join attribute by field value' processing tool

Assuming that both tables have a field in common. I.e. link the two together on district code and then filter your data once joined.

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