I am trying to see if there is a way to add a link in the InfoWindow that fires a function in JavaScript. I'm working with a map that shows rail lines in the US and the idea is to store selected lines in an array to collect information.

I know that you can override the 'Zoom To' link with dojo.disconnect(map.infoWindow._eventConnections[4]) to replace the zoom action with your own, but I do not want to sacrifice this function. I would use .setContent() and add the link to the function using HTML, but because I'm using .setFeatures(), this would remove information about the feature currently selected.


I guess you are using the ArcGIS-JS-API 3.X. You have check the Popup class, and add a new action using the addActions(actions) Method.

For example:

  var customActions;

  map.infoWindow.on("selection-change", function() {
    var selectedFeature = map.infoWindow.getSelectedFeature();

    if (selectedFeature && selectedFeature.attributes.TYPE === "crime") {
      var crimeAction = {
        title: "Crime Report",
        className: "crime-report-action",
        callback: function() {
          console.log("Get Full Crime Report");
      customActions = map.infoWindow.addActions([ crimeAction ]);
    else {
  • Yes, I am using 3.2. I keep on forgetting that there's 4.X because it's 3D only at the moment. This seemed to do the trick! – Pyro Mar 8 '19 at 15:09
  • Check out the new 4.X... it isn't only 3D! – Katah Mar 10 '19 at 18:38

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