I want to set transparency for already loaded layer by taking it from canvas

QgsVectorLayer *myLayer = mpMapcanvas.layer(0);

but get an error

invalid conversion from ‘QgsMapLayer*’ to ‘QgsVectorLayer*'

At the same time similat code at python console works great. What I'm doing wrong? Or are there any methods to convert QgsMapLayer into QgsVectorLayer?


I would recommend to take some C++ programming classes, Python code cannot be copied 1:1.

Here's how to cast the layer:

QgsVectorLayer *myLayer = qobject_cast<QgsVectorLayer *>( mpMapcanvas.layer( 0 ) );

And while totally unrelated: if you start a new project now, better start it on QGIS 3.4 (or later).

  • It worked, thanks. Of course I didn't copied python code into C++ project 1:1. I'm glad to start a project on QGIS 3.4. Is there a way to install it on RHEL 7? – Wolf Schulz Mar 6 at 14:37
  • Best I can find is this discussion osgeo-org.1560.x6.nabble.com/… – Matthias Kuhn Mar 6 at 14:49

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