I want create a custom script but the Toolset menu appear disable.

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  • You're trying to edit the ArcGIS installation? – Vince Mar 6 at 21:28
  • @Vince I trying to create this Python script – Juan Carlos Oropeza Mar 6 at 21:30
  • By editing the ArcGIS installation. That won't work. You need to create a local toolbox first. – Vince Mar 7 at 11:48

If you have written a script that works for you when you run it in your IDE, open the Catalog in ArcMap and scroll to 'My Toolboxes'. This is where you can create a tool from your own script. If you are making a script tool, choose add>script.

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Make a toolbox in ArcCatalog (right click > new > toolbox). Then right click on your toolbox and you can click New > Toolset

  • Ok, that work. Im trying to do this example. That ArcToolBox script is a Python Toolbox isnt? – Juan Carlos Oropeza Mar 6 at 21:29

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