In the previous version of QGIS when you loaded a multiband color image into raster calculator the bands were separated.

In version 3.6 I am only seeing 1 band how do I get the other bands displayed ?


I think it is a bug in QGIS 3.6, if you load the raster into QGIS 3.4.5 Long Term Release (LTR), it will be loaded correctly with all the bands available in single raster:

QGIS 3.4.5 LTR:

enter image description here

QGIS 3.6:

enter image description here

You can report a bug following this page here: Bugs, Features and Issues. My advice is to use QGIS 3.4.5 LTR as it is a stable version.


I can confirm this has been fixed in QGIS 3.7.0 (the current development version) and so will be in QGIS 3.8 when it comes out.

  • Could you please provide a link to a source supporting this claim? (bug tracker, etc) – Kantan Mar 18 '19 at 14:46
  • I haven't been able to find this in the bug tracker, but tested it out on my own machine. I replicated the error in QGIS 3.6 (and had the same problem which brought me here in the first place!). Then I confirmed it didn't happen in 3.4.5, nor in 3.7.0. – nickbearman Mar 19 '19 at 9:19

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