Based on Load .qlr with loadNamedStyle I was able to add a QLR to a python tool via PyQGIS -however, it appears broken...

            elif ftype=='qlr':
                    print ('Loading QLR layer')
                    print("QLR %s called and loading into group %s" % (filePath, fname))
                    print('adding group')
                    print ('Error loading QLR')

fname is the name of the group and file, filepath is the path/file.qlr

The QLR is loading a shp that's in the same folder.

It looks like

 <!DOCTYPE qgis-layer-definition>
  <layer-tree-group checked="Qt::Checked" name="" expanded="1">
    <layer-tree-layer id="events_6d4a5418_1dce_4ba0_201903071250415994831" checked="Qt::Checked" name="events" source="./events.shp" providerKey="ogr" expanded="1">
    <maplayer autoRefreshEnabled="0" labelsEnabled="1" refreshOnNotifyMessage="" maxScale="0" minScale="1e+08" hasScaleBasedVisibilityFlag="0" readOnly="0" styleCategories="AllStyleCategories" autoRefreshTime="0" type="vector" simplifyDrawingTol="1" refreshOnNotifyEnabled="0" simplifyDrawingHints="0" simplifyAlgorithm="0" simplifyLocal="1" simplifyMaxScale="1" geometry="Point">

and it comes out like enter image description here


It works fine if I load it in the QGIS python console using the same commands... enter image description here

Note screen grabs are of a complex and simple QLR I tried but both end up the same...

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