I am not to sure if this is possible? What I am looking to do is.

1 - I have polygon and point data. I want to use the polygon to select the point data that falls within in the radius of the polygon.

2- The point data has attributes linked to a common id. I want to then extract the lowest value from that common ID then place it into a field in the polygon.

E.g. point data looks like

field1 200C063D094B09   field2 BLSK field3 2345
field1 200C063D094B09   field2 CDMN field3 2456
field1 200C063D094B09   field2 GTNG field3 2432

Then I want to add Field 1 and 3 to the polygon.

Is this even possible? I am not good at scripting so this would be manual

  • Yes this is possible but the solution depends on whether you are doing this manually or through a script. Please edit your question. – MappaGnosis Mar 7 at 15:30

Use the Join by Location (Summary) tool with the "min" summary type.

enter image description here

For points that fall within each polygon, this tool will add the minimum values from fields 1 and 3 to that polygon. It creates a new layer, which by default is a temporary layer. Be sure to save the temporary layer as a permanent layer before closing the project.

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