Im developing QGIS plugin (Python3)

to open the featureForm (depending on some of my conditions (matching geometries,...))I use this code:

            layer = self.iface.activeLayer()
            features = layer.getFeatures()

            for feat in features:
                geom_poly = feat.geometry()
                if self.feature.geometry().intersects(geom_poly):
                    f = feat
            self.iface.openFeatureForm(layer, f, True)

the code works correctly, what I want is to set the position of the featureForm

how can I "catch" featureForm and use something like QDialog.move(x, y)


I found the solution, I used:

virtual QgsAttributeDialog* QgisInterface::getFeatureForm ( QgsVectorLayer * l, QgsFeature & f )

Returns a feature form for a given feature.


l :The layer for which the dialog will be created

f :The feature for which the dialog will be created

Here is a code if someone else needs it:

   form = self.iface.getFeatureForm(layer, f) # QgsAttributeDialog

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