I've got back into Python after a long break. I'm creating a simple data validation script at the moment. I am just trying to return the field type of a field input by the user. I'm using arcpy.AddMessage to validate my steps as I go along. I've tried googling and looking at multiple questions on here and have found nothing that works. Here is my code:

gulyShp = arcpy.GetParameterAsText (0)
sDep = arcpy.GetParameterAsText (1)


sDTy = arcpy.Field(sDep.Type)

All I want is the type of the field sDep is assigned to be stored in a variable.


Try ListFields to list field objects which has properties like type and name:

sDTy = [f.type for f in arcpy.ListFields(gulyShp) if f.name == sDep][0]

gulyShp need to be a complete path and filename, or only the filename and arcpy.env.workspace set to the shapefile folder.

I am using Listfield with list comprehension. The [0] is to fetch first (and in this case only) item in the list.

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