Is there a way to automatically adjust the size of the output feature created by the 'Linear Directional Mean' tool?

Some more details:

  1. I have a polyline shapefile consisting of a single feature and a grid (created using the 'Fishnet' -tool).
  2. I applied the 'Split' -tool to divide the polyline-feature into equal squares (based on that grid).
  3. Now, I want to calculate the Linear Directional Mean for each subset of polylines.

When I do this, the output feature (arrow showing the mean orientation) is way too big (see picture). I'd like to have it within the range of the actual subset I calculated it from.

Is there a way to do this automatically?

The tool itself doesn't offer to define anything except the name of the output and since there are lots of subsets it would take ages to do it manually.

enter image description here

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