How can I display a real-time GPS position in ArcMap 10.1 using the GPS toolbar?

We have it setup so position works fine. Just ArcMap refuses to interpret HEADING. So the real-time icon cannot rotate according to it.I checked ESRI documentation regarding real-time GPS of course.

Funny detail: None of the screenshots used by ESRI itself show a heading value in the window explanations. Always just 0.0 (which is at least more than the N/A I got). So maybe heading is an always buggy function anyways that just never got addressed?

I'll describe our setup briefly and add some screenshots for clarification.

We're on a vessel, doing offshore exploration. We use dive robots for this (ROVs). They get tracked pretty precise by underwater sonar vessel systems and their positioning is handled by a specific software (in our case: Fugro's Winfrog 3.1).

Being able to display the ROV in realtime in a "rich data context" as ArcMap allows, is important for us. So Winfrog now outputs a NMEA compatible string to ArcMap i.e. ESRI documentation says it is required format over network virtual COM132.

The string is indeed detected fine by ArcMap and position, date and time come in fine, just HEADING does not. I attached screenshots of the Winfrog string config, the string setup in ArcMap and the position window in ArcMap, showing N/A for heading.

Regarding the various Winfrog config options: I'm very sure we tried all variations for the position string etc. in the past, currently cannot verify since I do not have access to the live system.

The string as configured by Winfrog comes in in sets of 3 rows like also shown on an attached screenshot (captured with Hyperterminal). I show two of such blocks. Small edits for this forum include masking of real lats/lons and the dashed line as visual separators for the string "blocks".

In real, string has numeric lat/longs and no dashed lines of course. Further find a version of that string naming the string elements instead of values, at least how I understand it.



Winfrog settings (string config)

Winfrog settings

ArcMap incoming connection

ArcMap connection setup

ArcMap position window, heading "N/A"

ArcMap GPS Position window, LAT/LON blurred

  • ArcGIS 10.1 has been in Retired support status for a while now. It seems likely something was changed in the terminal releases of 10.2.2, 10.3.1, 10.4.1, 10.5.1, or 10.6.1. – Vince Mar 8 at 11:37
  • Thanks Vince, just tested it with ArcMap 10.4 installed on my private laptop - same thing: pos, date, time OK, heading N/A. – Gerhard Mar 8 at 14:15
  • If you wish to ask about ArcGIS Desktop 10.4 then you should mention that in your question – PolyGeo Mar 8 at 19:32
  • No, I wished to ask about 10.1, which is the version installed on the working PC. And I did. Vince mentioned, 10.4 might have fixed my issue. I tested this on my private PC and found that the issue is the same. So my problem remains and 10.1 is the version it's about. – Gerhard Mar 9 at 5:10
  • No one ever had a GPS heading in realtime being displayed in ArcMap and can tell me how he/she did it? Or what I do wrong? – Gerhard Mar 16 at 5:06

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