I have this real Big Bandet Image with 25000 Bands. I want to Sum over the Bands, Pixelwise.

is there a Way to either :

-convert this ee.image, bandwise to an ee.ImageCollection

-Collapse all Bands of means into 1 Summed Band ?

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Here is another approach:

// Make a (toy) 3 bands image
var image  = ee.Image([1,2,3]).rename(['one', 'two', 'three'])
Map.addLayer(image, null, '3 bands image')

// Sum all bands
var sum_bands = image.reduce('sum')
Map.addLayer(sum_bands, null, 'sum')

// You can compute any reduction
var mean_bands = image.reduce('mean')
Map.addLayer(mean_bands, null, 'mean')

link: https://code.earthengine.google.com/9ff53b49274f3842f353a2994905e750

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    Would check both if possible Commented Mar 9, 2019 at 14:56

Are you looking for something like this?

var image  = ee.Image(1).addBands(ee.Image(2)).addBands(ee.Image(3)).addBands(ee.Image(4)).addBands(ee.Image(5));

var bandNames = image.bandNames();

var toCollection = ee.ImageCollection.fromImages(bandNames.map(function(name){
  name = ee.String(name);
  // select one band an put into an image. You might need a specific cast and renaming of the bands
  return image.select(name).rename('newName').toFloat();
var summedBand = toCollection.sum();




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