I would like to create a Peirce quincuncial projection of vector data using QGIS.

A similar question was asked here several years ago, without apparent satisfactory answer. Someone offered a link to Github code in a comment, but I don't have the coding knowledge to know how to implement it or whether/how it can be used with QGIS.

How can I use that link, or do this another way?


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Look at this post : how to produce a Peirce quincuncial map?

A OSGeo Proj.4 was made after : Proj.4 with Peirce quincuncial projection

Maybe compile a new Proj.4 from specific files of this repository for using with QGIS ? Here the commit files for Peirce quincuncial projection in this repository.

And a python code for translating coordinates : peircequincuncial.py

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