I ran the tool Spatial Join(Analysis), target and joined features are line feature class, the join operation is Join one to one, I set a merge rule(sum) in one of my fields(the type of the field is double) and the match option is share a line segment with

I get ''error 000426 out of memory''. Is there any way to avoid it? I ran the tool with only a few lines and it works fine.

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    Please add more details about your question. What tool are you using and methodology you are following ? – Ahsan Mukhtar Mar 9 at 18:17
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    Sounds like you should try it with less data. But to get real help you need to provide more Information. – MrXsquared Mar 9 at 18:25
  • is there a limitation on the input data? – Mark Mar 9 at 18:29
  • I assume you're using ArcGIS, and this isn't an ArcGIS support forum, so please edit your question with more info and tags to sort by. – DPSSpatial Mar 9 at 18:37

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