I have looked at previous threads regarding this topic, but did not find the exact problems described - but they might be related - in short:

  • I have the new GeoServer 2.15.0 and configured the GeoWebCache for the WMS service
  • I have a layer from a PostGIS source with 6 million points
  • I have configured a GEOWEBCACHE_CACHE_DIR env variable set to a path which is accessible for Geoserver
  • I have a webapp requesting a WMS layers in a TILED fashin
  • GeoServer creates tiles in the cache for rendering the map with each layer)
  • All sent images (to the client) of my background layer (GeoTIFF) are cached and get served from there

Now the problem: My layer with the many points gets only partially cached, even GeoServer renders them completely and serves the client - but it only saves some of the tiles to the cache. I also have the same problem with pre-seeding my layer. It produces the tiles, but not all.

purple=files sent to client, yellow=tiles getting cached purple=files sent to client, yellow=tiles getting cached

Purple (=files sent to client), Yellow (=tiles actually getting cached)

My setup proves to be working. Caching on demand (when a client requests the tiles for the first time) and pre-seeding work. But in both cases GeoWebCache reproducibly does not cache certain tiles. Also when setting a large enough and larger extent for the pre-seeding, I end up with the same number of tiles being cached. The tiles also render fast enough in the client, so I'm sure this has nothing to do with a timeout.

The log shows me the following...

geoserver | 10 Mar 20:33:02 WARN [lite.gridcoverage2d] - Could not reduce the grid geometry inside the valid area bounds: ReferencedEnvelope[-2.147483647E9 : 2.147483647E9, -85.0 : 85.0] geoserver | Grid geometry isGridGeometry2D[GridEnvelope2D[267..581, 0..4], PARAM_MT["Affine", geoserver | PARAMETER["num_row", 3], geoserver | PARAMETER["num_col", 3], geoserver |
PARAMETER["elt_0_0", 8.996714848883048], geoserver |
PARAMETER["elt_0_2", 172421.68534038262], geoserver |
PARAMETER["elt_1_1", -9.48768472906404], geoserver |
PARAMETER["elt_1_2", 21728.98232072473]]]

...for the tiles that cannot be cached. I checked now again the layer configuration and noted that the native extent (EPSG:900913/3857) doesn't match in the layer settings and in the GeoWebCache seed dialog. It seems, that the GeoWebCache treats only a smaller extent as valid. Both layer extent values come from the same PostGIS layer. I use an out of the box geoserver running on a docker image.

enter image description here enter image description here

Is this a misconfiguration by me, or maybe a bug in GeoWebCache?

  • what do the log files say? Also using "tiled" wms is not a good plan use WMTS or TMS to make sure GWC matches the tile boundaries – Ian Turton Mar 10 '19 at 12:05
  • Added more details with log below. I have already tried WMTS, but that didn't change anything on the observed behaviour. – geotom Mar 10 '19 at 21:02

I deleted the layer and re-added it. Now it seems also GeoWebCache properly detects the real extent and does the caching for he whole of the dataset. A strange problem, that cost me a few hours...and no clue why.

For everyone else with a smiliar problem of partially cached layers. Try to readd the layer and check if GeoWebCache and Geoserver have the same layer extent configured.

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