I have a SceneView which has buildings, trees etc. (source is from shapefiles) rendered on it. Based on certain search/filter options, the application would generate a raster that represents the heatmap of something.

I'm stuck because I have no idea how I can render that raster on my SceneView. What I want to achieve is to sort of "highlight" the buildings/trees according to the color specified by the raster data.

Is there anything I can do to achieve this?

I'm using WPF here.

To add a bit more info, the shape files containing the building/tree vectors are added with extrusion.

var myShapefile = await ShapefileFeatureTable.OpenAsync(file);

var layer = new FeatureLayer(myShapefile);
layer.RenderingMode = FeatureRenderingMode.Dynamic;

var symbol = new SimpleFillSymbol(SimpleFillSymbolStyle.Solid, color, null);
var renderer = new SimpleRenderer(symbol);

renderer.SceneProperties.ExtrusionMode = Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Symbology.ExtrusionMode.Maximum;
renderer.SceneProperties.ExtrusionExpression = "HEIGHT";

layer.Renderer = renderer;


It might be hard to highlight the features in an area using raster file in a SceneView, so I'm currently exploring the possibility of adding the raster data as some kind of Graphic.

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