Is it possible to ask R {sf} package to use a GDAL installation I prefer?

So far I found how to check external software it uses:


#          GEOS           GDAL         proj.4 GDAL_with_GEOS 
#       "3.6.1"        "2.2.3"        "4.9.3"         "true" 

I am hoping I can choose a path to my existing GDAL installation like {gdalUtils} package does:

# To change the path to GDAL 
gdal_setInstallation(search_path = "C:\\Program Files\\QGIS 3.4\\bin", rescan = TRUE,
                     ignore.full_scan = TRUE, verbose = FALSE)

# To check the result
#       [1] "C:/PROGRA~1/QGIS3~1.4/bin/"
#       version 
#       "2.4.0" 

If this is possible, {sf} (and {stars}) package can use GDAL 2.4.0 under the hood of QGIS 3.4.


In my previous question R stars package and set dimensions to a NetCDF file I leaned my issue was not reproducible in other environment. Now trying to see if change of environment can improve the situation. Upgrading GDAL version is the first step.

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