I am exporting image collections to video but I am not getting map added (underlying layer on which image should be layer) to video, I have mentioned region too.

Below is the code snippet -

var convertBit = function(image){
  var xImg = image.visualize({palette:palette, opacity:0.8});
  return xImg.multiply(512).uint8();
// Centered at Karnataka,India  
Map.setCenter(76.41, 14.73, 6);
Map.addLayer(precipitation, precipitationVis, 'Precipitation');
var outputVideo = precipitation.map(convertBit);
var out = Export.video.toDrive({collection:outputVideo, description:'Precipitation_in_Karnataka_for_June_2018', region:karnatakaArea, dimensions: 720, framesPerSecond: 2});

Please help me with adding map to image. Right now, I am get it as: enter image description here Something like below image: enter image description here

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