I have a field "HNR_S".

It contains values like "124", "122", "1315", "1465", "15151", "124512642".

How can I select more than three numbers?

  • You mean values with length greater than 3? and what is the type of column, string or numeric? – Shahzad Bacha Mar 12 at 5:59
  • yes, exactly sir and that contains mixed characters like string, special characters and numeric. – Rakesh Reddy Posham Mar 12 at 6:00
  • type for a column can be either string or integer, can you confirm in the properties of your layer? – Shahzad Bacha Mar 12 at 6:02
  • It have string. – Rakesh Reddy Posham Mar 12 at 6:03

To select records with length greater than a specific value, you can use CHAR_LENGTH(string_exp) expression in "Select by Attribute" ArcMap.

So in your case it should work like this should:

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    @RakeshReddyPosham Please accept the answer if it solved your problem. – ahmadhanb Mar 12 at 6:23
  • sir, i need one more help it is not working in other shape_file could you please suggest why it is not working, i checked that shape file it also like my old shape file only but i'm not understanding. – Rakesh Reddy Posham Mar 12 at 6:24
  • can you check the column type in other shapefile? it should be of type string otherwise it won't work – Shahzad Bacha Mar 12 at 6:36
  • Possibly because your other shape file has a numeric field, you could also try CAST(HNR_S AS INTEGER) > 100, I've never used this function but it should return 0 if there's invalid characters but would probably return SQL ERROR Invalid..., alternately you could try CHAR_LENGTH(STR(HNR_S)) > 3 to ensure that your numbers are tested as strings. – Michael Stimson Mar 12 at 6:38
  • i checked that other shape file also in string type only but it is not working.i'm getting error i.e "Function or procedure does not exist" – Rakesh Reddy Posham Mar 12 at 7:06

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