I'm currently using QGIS 3.6.

For a while now to map the arcs of fire for historical fixed weapon emplacements. Creating an arc to a set range to a set angle is extremely important for my analysis work.

I currently use the buffer tool to create a circular polygon around a point to the desired range and direction. I then have to essentially delete points until the desired angle is achieved. This isn't that precise, however as I have to estimate the correct angle. Doing this for every point is very time consuming and I was wondering if there was a quick and simple way to achieve the same result in QGIS, without manually setting the angle by deleting points and without plugins (if possible).

I am not a technical person and have no programming experience.

See below for an example of what I am hoping to achieve.

Arc of fire to a range of 250m

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It seems to me that this tool will do your work, see figure 1 enter image description here

and figure 2 enter image description here


I was going to include the create wedge buffers tool in this answer, but @cyril beat me to it. Instead, I'll just mention several plugins that can create an arc or wedge, in case the create wedge buffers tool doesn't do quite what you wanted.

  • Shape Tools Plugin

    "Shape Tools is a collection of geodesic shapes and tools. Create ellipse, line of bearing, pie wedge, donut, arc wedge, polygon, star, ellipse rose, hypocyloid, polyfoil, epicycloid, and heart shapes. Tools include "XY to Line" tool, densify lines and polygons along geodesic paths, geodesic line break, geodesic measuring and create a measurement layer, geodesic scale, rotate, flip and translate tools, and digitize points at an azimuth & distance tools."

  • Azimuth and Distance plugin

    "Creates a feature from azimuths and distances"

  • CoGo Plugin

    "A plugin to capture coordinates, bearings and distances and to use these to construct and manage land parcels."


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