How do I download shapefile information from ArcGIS online and access it in QGIS. An example shapefile that I would like to obtain is linked below:



You would need to be accessing the feature layer and seeing if the user has enabled it to allow for export and then exporting the shapefile. You wont be able to do this with the application provided.


That's a map from Morgan County, Colorado. The map title is Water District - Northern Colo Water Consa. It appears to display parcel data within the Northern Colorado Water Conservation District. Clicking on a parcel on the map gives a popup with this information:

Morgan County GIS provides a grand total of two shapefiles for download:

  1. Parcels (direct download link)
  2. Roads (direct download link)

It sounds like the parcel shapefile is the one you want. If not, you can request the data from the Director of GIS for Morgan County (there's contact information on the Morgan County GIS page).

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