I am working with the Street Network Database shapefile from the City of Seattle, in ArcMap 10.6.1. I attempted to use ArcMap's trace function on the polyline representing Rainier Avenue South. However, the trace overlay slows down and stops when it hits the curved section of the polyline. Here's a video of what I mean (excuse the potato quality): https://imgur.com/a/35181E0

Could it have something to do with my snapping options? (I only have vertex snapping enabled)

  • it sounds like a very small loop or a tiny break that it doesn't want to jump. Click to stop the trace and then click again a bit further on to continue. Tracing in 10 I find annoying, turn off visibility on everything you don't want to trace and definition query just the part you do want to trace in complicated areas; the old method was to select the lines you wanted to trace before starting to trace which caused less problems. – Michael Stimson Mar 13 at 2:59

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