Previously, on QGIS 2.18, I followed this well known tutorial to create a user form with some basic Python driven buttons. https://nathanw.net/2011/09/05/qgis-tips-custom-feature-forms-with-python-logic/

The QGIS 3 layer properties interface no longer has the setting (at least not in the same place, so I can't find it) which tells QGIS to run a Python script on opening the form. This is discussed in the tutorial in the section headed "almost done".

How is this achieved?


Answering my own question (I'm sure other people will struggle with this). The interface DOES have the same setting in the same place - but whereas on QGIS 2.18 there is an obvious box into which the details of the script are written (as in the tutorial) on QGIS 3 is a small button with a python icon on it. Once you've noticed it it's obvious.

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