Looking for an ArcGIS Desktop tool for coordinating evacuation routes via roads for a given area (polygon). Ideally would like to have certain routes (polylines) labelled as Primary (Highway, etc), Secondary (Secondary Roads), and tertiary (back roads).

Would like to drop a polygon over a neighborhood or populated area and be able to list all roads and rank them based on how much population they can accommodate, integrity of infrastructure, etc.

Is there a network analyst for this?

Would geometric network be the best way to go?

I am seeing hits for ArcCASPER but that seems more for a college campus or office buidling.

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    This sounds like more of a field data collection exercise than a GIS desktop operation. When the roads are ranked by lanes, surface type and condition you can then use these as impedance values for an evacuation model. However you will need to find out how many people are likely to be on each back road (perhaps number of parcels X average persons per address) and then somehow allow for invalid/disabled persons in your model and then those that want to evacuate their pets and prized livestock and then what kind of vehicle they are likely to use by capacity and speed... – Michael Stimson Mar 14 at 23:39

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