I try to calculate slope data. This is the DEM source https://www.earthenv.org/DEM

Firstly, I translate data with gdal.Warp according to image UTM zone. Original image .bil extension so first I convert to tif and then reproject the image. You can see gdalinfo of this image in below.

gdalinfo of translate dem file

I try to calculate in Jupyter notebook. gdal.DEMProcessing(dest,source,"slope") I get "ValueError: Received a NULL pointer." I try with the same input image in command line and Qgis Slope tool, everything is fine. What I miss it?

  • Please post the actual code you used – mikewatt Mar 15 at 16:07
  • I wrote my code. In jupyter >> gdal.DEMProcessing(dest,source,"slope") – Iroh Mar 15 at 16:36
  • dest and source are file paths? – mikewatt Mar 15 at 16:48

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