I have a map with a single GeoJSON layer that I referenced in my script (using the AJAX plugin). Now I am trying to add search functionality to the map so that the user can search for features by name. The plugin I am using is the Leaflet Search plugin.

However, I cannot get the search to perform, as it's giving me the "Location not found" error, whenever I type text into the search box. Here is my code:

searchlayer = L.geoJSON.ajax('data.json').addTo(map); 
map.addControl(new L.Control.Search({layer:searchlayer});

What am I doing wrong here? I assume that I'm not properly linking the layer and the field to be searched to the search control, but how do I do that?

Found that the issue was not adding the option for the control to search the geojson attribute. The default column that the search button works on is "title". I added the option of propertyName: 'Location' to L.Control.Search and it works perfect now!

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Might be problem with GeoJSON data not being available yet when layer is added to control. Try with this:

searchlayer = L.geoJSON.ajax('data.json').addTo(map);
searchlayer.on('data:loaded', function() {
  map.addControl(new L.Control.Search({layer:searchlayer});
  • This would probably be a better way to write my code. But turns out the issue was not adding the option of propertyName. It was searching the geoJSON for a column named "title" according to default rules. I simply changed it to the attrobute I wanted and it works.
    – cesium133
    Mar 16, 2019 at 23:39
  • 1
    Good! I see you also edited your question and added the solution to your problem. It's nice in such a case to mark somehow the added/changed part, for example: EDIT (in bold).
    – TomazicM
    Mar 17, 2019 at 9:34

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