When I add the Agricultural land classification (ALC) map from ArcGIS Online, the layer in the table of contents loads, however the actual map doesn't.

I really need to ALC for the Humber Region, UK for my final year project, and I can't find any other downloads which actually work.

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    You haven't provided a URL to the service. This should be a bug report to the provider. Bug reports are not appropriate for GIS SE. – Vince Mar 16 at 14:13
  • Amy use the download service here for your area of interest environment.data.gov.uk/DefraDataDownload/?mapService=NE/… – Mapperz Mar 16 at 16:37
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    Make sure the basemap doesn't have the "display only when at particular map scales" set. Check the layer properties not at the top-level in the table of contents, but one down. Right-click, open properties, check general tab and look in the Scale Range section. – mkennedy Mar 18 at 19:08