I would like to get the visibility of one point in regard to a polygon layer. E.g. which island can I see from the beach.

What I found

It's possible to get a visibility graph via Grass v.net.visibility

Example with my point positioned in 153.7555071186,-29.4628297567 and a polygon layer:

processing.runalg("grass7:v.net.visibility","dbname='/boundaries' table='polygons' (geometry) sql=","153.7555071186,-29.4628297567 ",None,"153.755505814,153.755511741,-29.4628313855,-29.4628273853",-1,0.0001,0,"/visibility.shp")

enter image description here

The result is a visibility graph of every polygon (green lines) + my point (blue lines).


Is it possible to only perform the visibility graph for one point (get only the blue lines)?

I don't know if we can change the behavior of v.net.visibility there is no particular indication in the documentation, or perhaps can I use another tool?

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