I am building a digital cartography tool that needs to run completely offline. As a basis, I downloaded a .mbtiles-file corresponding to the area I want to survey and I am running the excellent tileserver-php on a Raspberry Pi.

I couldn't make it work with the .mbtiles-file, so using mb-util I unpacked the contents of the .mbtiles-file to a folder structure. So far everything seems to be working fine and I get the map served on the browser, however, the resulting rendered tiles look like some kind of wireframe model of a map.

doesn't matter which zoom level image always looks "wireframed"

Not sure now how to get it to render in a nicer, more readable style. I am using OpenLayers in the index.html-file of my server, and I thought that's the API that took care of the actual rendering. Ideally, I would like to be able to see the streets, street names and what you would generally come to expect from a web map. What am I missing?


You need to load GL Json stylesheets the integrated viewers for tileserver-PHP may not work use mapbox gl JS OR ArcGIS API for javascript or open layers with GL style plugin/extension. I have an android tile server application serves folder of tiles as XYZ to nearby map clients on same ad hoc or portable Wi-Fi router network

  • Thanks, that explains the part about the JSON stylesheets not looking like anything I would expect a stylesheet to look like. So that stylesheet is not for the browser but for the Javascript renderer? Do I understand that correctly? – zilog Mar 22 '19 at 19:51

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