<Placemark id="3">
        <description><![CDATA[ Foo HTML stuff ]]></description>

Here is my code:

   PullParser parser = new PullParser( new KMLConfiguration(), FileUtils.openInputStream(new File("foo.kml")), SimpleFeature.class);

    SimpleFeature simpleFeature (SimpleFeature)parser.parse();
    Object obj = simpleFeature.getAttribute("TimeStamp");
    //obj is null..does not parse TimeStamp?..
    Object objPoint = simpleFeature.getDefaultGeometry();
    //this works fine...objPoint is an instance of Point...

    Object objDescription = simpleFeature.getAttribute("description");
    //this works fine, objDescription is an instance of String with the   CDATA data there.             

for example

simpleFeature.getAttribute("description"), will return a String of the content of the description which in the above KML is CDATA stuff...


, however TimeStamp is null :( ..I would have expected a Timestamp or a list of Date(s)?

is there a way to get the TimeStamp from the above KML with geotools without custom parsing?

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