I was wondering how you can give each zone a value based on how many overlaps there are from a multipart polygon feature. See the picture. If the circles don't overlap I would like the area to have an attribute of, eg P1, and if there are two circles that overlap I would like it to have the attribute P2 and so on...



If you have workstation, you could use REGIONPOLYCOUNT. Unfortunately this capability never made it into ArcGIS desktop.

If you have VBA installed, you could adapt the code posted here.


Try the Count Overlapping Polygons tool. If you want to assign the overlapping values from the buffers to the zonal features (e.g. city block), use Spatial Join.

There is also a good blog from ESRI which describes the methods used in the tool:

More adventures in overlay: counting overlapping polygons with spaghetti and meatballs

enter image description here

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