I created a route in Google MyMaps and exported to a KMZ. I then imported the KMZ into Google Earth Pro.

The reported distance in Google MyMaps and Google Earth Pro differ by approximately 2km, over a total distance of 2km over about 700km.

Can anyone advise which would be more accurate?

As a check, I also imported the KMZ into QGIS, and the distance matched the Google Earth Pro measurement.

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    It depends on the projection of the data, to be most accurate you would need to take into account geodesic distance of the 3d roads. KMZ files are always WGS84 Geographic and need to be displayed in a projected coordinate system to ascertain a simple distance. 2km over 700km is a 0.29% difference, the reality is more likely to be in the order of 5% using geodesic 3d distance. – Michael Stimson Mar 19 at 1:33

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