I know how to create points by coordinates with arcpy using the following code:

import arcpy

ptList =[[20.000,43.000],[25.500, 45.085],[26.574, 46.025], [28.131, 48.124]]
pt = arcpy.Point()
ptGeoms = []
for p in ptList:
   pt.X = p[0]
   pt.Y = p[1]

arcpy.CopyFeatures_management(ptGeoms, r"C:\Temp\test.shp")

But in my case, every coordinate pair also has an additional text attribute that needs to be written to the shapefile. What would be the approach?


I suggest to use insert cursor, make sure that the field allready exists in the feature class (AddField if necessary)

ptList =[["value1",(20.000,43.000)],["value2",(25.500, 45.085)],["value3",(26.574, 46.025)], ["value4",(28.131, 48.124)]]

cursor = arcpy.da.InsertCursor('C:/temp/test.shp',
                               ['FieldName', 'SHAPE@XY'])

# Insert new rows that include the field value and a x,y coordinate

for row in ptList:

# Delete cursor object
del cursor

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