I am new to QGIS and learning daily, and I find it very interesting day by day. I have come up with a problem here. I stacked points on a sentinel2 image. The points data I imported from a CSV file; the CSV file contains latitude, longitude and their corresponding values. I can see points scattered over the image. Finally, I want to read those points' value hovering the mouse cursor over the points. I can see values while opening the attribute table, but I couldn't figure out how to read those points' value using the mouse cursor. Is there a way to do it?

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Some solutions :

  • In the point layer properties, go to the Display tab and select the field as Display name with the dropdown list (or set an expression). Now, with the identify tool, when you right-click on a point feature on the canvas, the value is displayed. If multiple points are stacked, a list of all values appears.

  • In the point layer properties or in the layer styling panel, you can go to the label tabs and configure labels for displaying data or expression next to the features.

  • If you use the identify tool, you can read all attributes for the selected feature.


From the documentation of qgis

The Display tab helps you configure fields to use for feature identification:

The Display name: based on a field or an expression. This is:

  • the label shown on top of the feature information in the Identify tool results;

  • the field used in the locator bar when looking for features in all layers;

  • the feature identifier in the attribute table form view;

the map tip information, i.e. the message displayed in the map canvas when hovering over a feature of the active layer with the Show Map Tips icon pressed. Applicable when no HTML Map Tip is set.

The HTML Map Tip is specifically created for the map tips: it’s a more complex and full HTML text mixing fields, expressions and html tags (multiline, fonts, images, hyperlink…).

Example from docs:



enter image description here

Use the Identify tool (in the Attributes toolbar) and click on the feature to see all the feature attributes in the Identify window.

enter image description here

Or turn on Map Tips (in the Attributes toolbar) to see an attribute when you hover over the feature.

  • You can choose which attribute is displayed in the Map Tip in the layer properties dialog > display. Or use HTML code to define a combination of attributes to display.
  • You can change how long it takes for Map Tips to appear in the Settings menu > Options > Canvas and Legend.

enter image description here

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