I am trying to ingest a point shapefile to geomesa, I have added the schema and convertor part to conf file but when i am giving the ingest command usinf geomesa-fs it is giving me the below error.


ERROR Warning: Missing dependency for command execution: Could not initialize class org.locationtech.geomesa.fs.FileSystemDataStoreFactory$


Anyone got any idea how it can be solved?


That error indicates that your classpath is not complete. Did you follow the installation instructions here?

  • Actually, it was the error of hadoop installation, It was not installed correctly. I have another question, When I am trying to ingest shapefile using schema and converter both, it's failing and I am not able to figure out the error. I am getting this error Ingested 0 features and failed to ingest 52 features for file: /home/ec2-user/geomesa-data/cb_2017_us_state_20m.shp I am using the same file as given in the shapefile convertor example – Rohit Singh Mar 26 at 18:12
  • @RohitSingh Please open a new thread for new questions. – underdark May 18 at 16:47

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