I have a QGIS 2 project, that contains some layers from local sources, and a couple of "background layers" that come from "external" WMS sources. If I publish this project in QGIS server 2 the local sources are shown and also some of the WMS-layers, but not all of them.

In particular:

Layers from https://geoportal.kreis-herford.de/arcgis/services/WMS/LiegenschaftskarteVereinfacht/MapServer/WmsServer? are shown in both QGIS desktop and QGIS server, while layers from https://www.wms.nrw.de/geobasis/wms_nw_alkis? are only shown in desktop.

The reason for publishing the external WMS through QGIS server is, that these background layers are required in print output of QGIS server's GETPRINT-Request. The GetprojectSettings of my QGIS server project shows "null" Extent for the geobasis-wms

  <Layer queryable="1" visible="1">
    <BoundingBox CRS="EPSG:4326" maxx="4.51126" minx="4.51126" maxy="9.01938e-12" miny="-9.01938e-12"/>
    <BoundingBox CRS="EPSG:25832" maxx="1e-06" minx="-1e-06" maxy="1e-06" miny="-1e-06"/>

The geoportal outputs proper extent.

  • One thought is that the geobasis WMS is scale layered (has min/max ScaleDenominator set, and QGIS server may not be able to handle this scale layering). – nmtoken Mar 20 at 12:00

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