On the image below, there are two layers showing the transportation network

Red  | current | only important objects     | geometry repeats/overlaps 
Blue | new     | required and other objects | geometry does not repeat/overlap

Geometry repeats/overlaps mean that certain feature can be used multiple times by different transportation routes. Moreover, the vertices of both layers coincide.

Attributes of each layer look as follow

"Red" layer includes OBJECTID | KEY | STATUS | TRAM | BUS

"Blue" layer has OBJECTID | KEY | INFO

Copied features from "Blue" layer into "Red" must inherit 'KEY'-values.


In Graphical Modeler I am trying to copy features from the "Blue" layer into "Red" corresponding to several requirements:

  1. From "Blue" layer only those objects that are a logical continuation of the "Red" layer and therefore complement it, match by 'TRAM' or 'BUS' attributes, moreover, other objects should be omitted.


    It seems like "Blue" layer shall touch the "Red" one, however, I have to avoid cases like this Case_1

  2. Copying features from "Blue" layer into "Red" one should be accomplished a certain number of times. For instance, lines with the same geometry must be inserted multiple times. On the image below, an example of different inserting number demonstrated.


I would like to know how shall I tackle this task to be able to achieve the result I am striving for? Perhaps, the manual approach still will give the highest quality? Since there are up to 20 objects exist.


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