If two polylines intersect with each other and there are more than 2 intersect points, there is more than 1 closed area will be created.

enter image description here

How can I get these areas as polygons in ArcGIS Desktop? For example, the green areas are created after the red and blue polyline intersects each other. I need to calculate the area of the green polygon.

  • I think this question would benefit from the inclusion of a picture that illustrates your input and desired output. – PolyGeo Aug 1 at 5:48

I found a not-so-elegant solution:

  1. Merge the polyline A into one feature;
  2. Merge the polyline B into one feature;
  3. Convert A and B to raster (both has value 1 for valid pixel, the same resolution and extent);
  4. Mosaic two rasters into one C (prefer ENVI or Geotiff formats);
  5. Find all pixels in the holes using Python;
  6. Calculate the area = count_of_pixel_in_hole * area_of_pixel.

This is a proximation, but close enough.

  • This is overkill simply use the feature to polygon tool. – Hornbydd Aug 1 at 15:24

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