I have a click event that fires and sets content for the InfoTemplate when the feature is clicked. When a feature that overlaps with another feature is clicked, the InfoTemplate appears the information displayed is correct for outlined selected feature. When I use the arrows on the InfoTemplate popup to move onto the next feature, the content in the window stays the same instead of updating with the correct information. The click event is not fired when using the arrows so the content is not created. How do I get the content to be re-calculated when someone uses the arrows to move between features?

//Format mgmtTract popup content on click of a feature
hbMgmtTractFL.on("click", function (feature) {
var OID = feature.graphic.attributes.OBJECTID;
relatedTractAttrb('popupContent', OID);

function relatedTractAttrb(purpose, oids) {
    //calculate popup content

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